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Working at Mozilla, passionate about the Open Web


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To the world at large and you who is reading this in particular: Hello!

As seems pertinent for an introductory blog post, let me tell you a little bit about myself and what you can expect to read here in the future.

Update: This is oh so very much outdated that you shouldn’t even read it. Really.

I am a web developer mostly concentrated on solving highly technical, rather abstract problems using ActionScript and other front end web development technologies. That is to say: I’m a Flash developer, but in contrast to many of my peers, I’m not too interested in fancy animations and gratuitous effects. Thus, I’m drawn not the quickly built, glossy high end projects that dominate the Flash world but to the invisible technical challenges that lie behind each well-built site or application.

I constantly re-evaluate my views on what is a good balance between pragmatism and theoretical soundness in my daily work, trying to stay on the right side of the boundary between writing maintainable code and becoming an architecture astronaut.

For the last two and a half years, I’ve lead the Flash development team at Fork unstable media. Before that, I worked as a freelancer for about seven years and studied philosophy and an ever-changing assortment of minor fields.

As of July 2009, I will be a co-founder of a yet-to-be-named startup located in Hamburg, Germany. What are we going to do? Mostly two things:

  1. Work as a technical sub-contractor for for internet agencies, concentrating on websites, applications and presentations mostly done in Adobe Flash.
  2. Try to cross the chasm that lies between the proprietary world of Flash and the standards-based rest of the web-universe.

Should you decide to return, I’ll tell you a lot more about this second aspect of what we’re going to do and about why I think that we’re going to fill an important niche.